Synthetic Grass for Sport

Synthetic grass has so many uses, and we’re all probably aware of how popular they are in both commercial and resident properties. However, synthetic grass is extremely versatile and is used for all kinds of different sports. Today we’re going to be focussing on artificial grass in sport and how it’s popular in both football and other sports too. 

Artificial grass is made to specifically look and feel like real grass and has the ability to mimic it so well that it’s perfect for all kinds of sports. It’s popular with baseball, rugby, lacrosse, frisbee, hockey, badminton and football. Colleges and recreational facilities are increasingly turning to synthetic grass because of its versatility. With artificial grass you no longer have the problem of muddy, water logged fields, and for those with allergies it’s a god send with no more allergic reactions to grass pollen. There’s very little maintenance required so the money saved on mowing, watering and chemicals to eradicate pests can be spent elsewhere. 


Rugby has really benefited from artificial grass because it’s proven to be durable, which it needs to be what with repeated impact in certain areas and the rough and tumble of the game. During the wet months, real grass can take a beating, whereas fake grass will maintain its appearance and good condition all the time as it’s impervious to weather. Safety and performance are guaranteed, and you’ll get a comfortable experience playing. 


Football especially has benefited from the use of fake grass. It has quite a history with football, with Astro turf being introduced in the 60s before it evolved into the sophisticated surface it is today. A quarter of all top flight Scottish clubs including Kilmarnock and Livingston now use artificial grass pitches. The reason for this is because they’re so versatile, and they can be played on in adverse weather conditions because the ground does not become water logged or too muddy. 

Longer blades and less slipping.

The individual blades are much longer so they mimic real grass better and are a great improvement in both functionality and aesthetically in appearance. Wearing studded boots isn’t an issue and the grass provides a good grip for the foot, and if you use a rubber crumb beneath, the risk of slipping is reduced. There are different artificial grasses to choose from, however for football we usually recommend a longer pile preferably between 40 to 60 millimetres.

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We hope you’ve now come around to the idea of artificial grass for sports. We know from talking to some of our satisfied customers that fake grass has changed their outlook as they’ve seen how useful it is and how easy it is to take care of. If you’re unsure as to which grass would be suitable for your sports venue, why not give us a call and we’d be happy to go over it with you and help you choose the right one.

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